Pierre V. Comtois


       Sometimes                                              A Warm Rain                                               Falls

Growing up anywhere doesn't always come easy. There are always those pesky bumps in the road! It was no different for the children living on Desrosiers Street in the old mill town of Lowell, Massachusetts. It was the 1960s and for all intents and purposes, the city hadn't changed much since the Depression years of decades earlier: there was still unemployment; rows of dingy, red brick factories lining the Merrimack River; and a kaleidoscope of nationalities from French to Greek. But nestled in the city's newer suburbs was an out of the way corner, a neighborhood of sunny streets, leafy trees, and wide open spaces. That's where Noel and Guy lived with their friends Polly, Jiff, Theo, and Don. That's where the story really began; the story of Noel and Guy. They were both dreamers and book lovers with a thirst for adventure and romance but were two people ever so mismatched? Noel liked poetry and the classics; Guy liked comic books and science fiction. Where Noel enjoyed being with people, Guy was a loner. Where Noel was popular, Guy was the original hard luck Charlie. Oil and water, they say, can't mix, but fate, it seemed, had other plans.


         With photos by Hannah Lane

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