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 At last! The wait is over! Fungi #21 is now available and on sale! The final page count comes to a whopping 419 while the magazine itself is fully illustrated throughout.

It's Fungi's 30th anniversary and this latest issue as promised, is chock full of surprises and well worth any fantasy fan's immediate attention! Don't miss out on this once in a lifetime event...well, at least until the next fantastic ish comes out!

Timed for release with the revival of the fabled NecronomiCon held in Providence, RI, August, 2013, Fungi #21 features a stellar lineup of the most incredible talent in the weird fiction field from contemporary hit makers to talented newcomers to yesteryear’s classic authors! And that’s not all! Fungi#21 also includes a smorgasbord of non-fiction articles designed to tickle the fancy or arrest the attention of the most jaded of scholars. Add to that a major spotlight section on the West Coast authors of the 1950s and 60s with a brand new story by Earl Hamner, Jr., and mini spotlights on Richard F. Searight and Sax Rohmer! Then there are the novel length stories including a new tale of Sesqua Valley by legend in his own time Wilum Pugmire; a new Thongor adventure by Robert M. Price; and a combo SF/fantasy/weird tale by Colleen Drippe written in her own unique style. Finally, join the Fungi staff in welcoming back Gregorio Montejo’s much missed Notes on Verse! And there’s still more! In a Fungi first, new discovery John Fultz is featured with not one but two tales of quasi-weird fantasy that bookend this landmark issue!

On top of all that, Fungi #21, as always, features a number of top illustrators including Allen Koszowski, Steve Lines, Marie Melechinsky, and Joey Zone among others.

And in Fungi’s tradition of featuring only the very best artists on its covers, this issue spotlights fantasy illustrator extraordinaire, Murray Tinkelman!

And all that’s just for starters! Look for plenty more including our very own “Easter eggs” squirreled away in different parts of the magazine! The editors stopped at nothing to make sure readers get their money’s worth this time including recruiting, seeking out, or otherwise begging to get the best stories, articles, and art they could lay their hands on. Our goal was to make Fungi#21 the biggest, fattest, most elaborate bargain in the weird fiction small press there is...and we dare anyone to say we didn't do it!

And to add to the multi-dimensional aspects related to te release of Fungi #21, be sure to check back here for news on the action that will be sure to take place at this year's NecroCon event.

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Fungi #21 Contributors:


Wilum Pugmire

Colleen Drippe

John R. Fultz

Ron Hilger

H.P. Lovecraft

Henry S. Whitehead

Thomas Ligotti

Daniel Otto Jack Peterson

Peter Rawlik

Dale T Philips

Richard Searight

Franklyn Searight

Skadi meic Beorh

Lynn Venable

Glynn Barass

William F. Nolan

Charles Beaumont

David Daniel

Andrew Seddon

Joshua Shapiro

William Hope Hodgson

Ann K. Schwader

Dale Nelson

David Barker

Clark Ashton Smith

Pierre V. Comtois

Robert M. Price

Earl Hamner, Jr.

Leah Cyr

Stefan Grabinski


Matthew Bradley

Christopher Conlon

Barry Hoffman

Daniel Otto Jack Peterson

Franklyn Searight

Jason V. Brock

Henry J. Vester III

James Person, Jr.

Pierre V. Comtois

Ron Zimmerman

Sam Gafford

Christopher G. Porter

David Barker


Murray Tinkelman

Allen Kozowski

Steve Lines

Marie Melechinsky

Joey Zone

Mark Anthony Lacy

Jason Brock